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My clients are the reason I do what I do. My passion is helping people. See what my clients have to say and submit your own feedback in the form below.

I have been with Brian for over six years. I wouldn’t be where I am in life without him. He pushes me to do my best and I always leave knowing I gave it my all. He pays attention to the details and always is on top of my form, always tweaking here and there. I have never had an injury and I know that is due to his methods. Form is key. On a side note, he is such a great listener…I have a trainer, motivator, therapist and best friend, all wrapped up in one….I am blessed to have him in my corner.

Lynn Iarussi

Brian has been my personal trainer for four years, and simply put, he has changed my life. I’ve always been active, but both mind and body were changing as I approached my 40’s. Losing weight became more difficult, motivation for exercise became more challenging, and it became increasingly easier to find the excuses. Brian has a no frills/blue collar approach to fitness, and his workouts are customized for my goals. He stresses the importance of combining proper technique and resistance, along with a scientific approach to rest and recovery. Brian’s passion is off-the-charts, and he genuinely cares for the overall health of his clients. Now 43, I haven’t felt this good since my 20’s. I’m excuse-free, and owe it to Brian.

Matt C

For the past several years I have participated in a group exercise program that Brian has designed for seniors. We meet twice a week with a focus on improving our range of motion, posture, joint mobility, balance and strength. Brian’s personalized guidance and holistic approach has helped me and others to overcome physical limitations, chronic pain, and to achieve optimal results regardless of age. Thank you, Brian, for your commitment and creative approach to our health and physical fitness. You have proven that day by day we can improve and get better.

Perry Constas

Brian trains our whole family. He understands each of our unique fitness needs and goals. Brian is great at preparing a young athlete for their season by creating workouts that relate to their sport and carry across training situations; one child plays basketball and the other is a horseback rider. My husband’s workouts are geared toward relieving stress and give him an opportunity for movement as he spends a lot of time in a car and an office for work. He listens and understands what I want from a workout and provides a place where I can feel successful and strong. Most importantly, Brian forms strong bonds with his clients. He goes above and beyond to show he cares

Rosemary Haseltine

I’ve been training with Brian for a few years; originally my teenage daughter trained with him with her basketball team, and then with a friend. Brian has taught me how to listen to my body – to move and use it without causing injury. I’m learning to push my body as well as my mind, beyond where it’s comfortable, to be stronger and healthier. No 2 workouts are the same, and each is individualized according to needs, limits, and capabilities. Brian doesn’t yell or scream to motivate but the motivation and the want for success is there every session. Brian is a diamond in the rough! I always look forward to my training sessions.

Lisa Haddon

Training with Brian has changed me and my life for the better. He is different than any other fitness professional out there. He is the real deal, no hype, just straight up, work hard and see results. I owe a lot to Brian, his method has flowed over into how I live, a happy, fit, simple life. Brian is a total game changer.

Biz Allen

I can always expect to learn something new each session and leave exhausted. Your approach and methods push me beyond what I thought were my limits. Brian, you are truly the best!


I have been working out with Brian for six years. It has been life changing! I have always worked out and played sports but his training is different. He focuses on form and the basics! Our workouts are different than 6 years ago – keeping up with what works for us at that time! My body has completely transformed and I feel stronger than I ever have. Thanks Brian for all you do!

Tracey Peterson


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