Soo-Zen-Ski  |  noun
1: a brilliant design of human engineering dedicated in redefining the parameter of health and fitness.

2: a blueprint of human development using advanced techniques to achieve optimal strength of the mind and body.

3. a training regimen created to cover all spectrum’s of the health field; strength training with an intense focus on proper form making work outs more efficient, flexibility to increase Range of Motion, balance to improve neurological muscular facilitation, nutrition, correcting muscular imbalances to relieve pain, and pushing your mind past your perception of “I can’t”.

sam_0010_updatedMy name is Brian Szewczynski and I engineered SUZ-EN-SKI fit to improve your life.  I went back to a simplistic and more efficient approach of old school training methods.  Eliminating the unnecessary tools of hype, equipment and marketing schemes.  The end result is a personal training business built on pride, knowledge, experience, dedication and honesty tailored to your personal goals.

Growing up in a small town of Wisconsin, I was raised with old school principals and an extreme hard work ethic.  At a young age, my passion for fitness ignited an obsession of re-defining the original blueprint of human existence.

My passion for fitness stayed with me as I pursued a degree in Environmental Biology at the University of WI, Stevens Point.  Human and Animal physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and Psychology started to lay out a strong foundation for SUZ-EN-SKI FIT.

With an out of box mentality, I continue to challenge health professionals, personal trainers, myself and the health and fitness industry as a whole.  I wanted to stay three steps ahead of the competition.

Today, at age 44, I continue this journey.  Still three steps ahead and with a Top of the Top training protocol, I cultivated an Apex plan to achieving your fitness transformation. “One step, one rep, one set, and every day you will progress towards your goal of greatness”

Brian Szewczynski
Proud founder of SUZ-EN-SKI FIT
“Do not think or believe, but know”


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